Special Effects



Lithium Battery Box
Gearing up to promote a new movie, a projection company commissioned this 200ah 24vdc lithium battery box connected to a 7000 watt inverter–capable of running a 2500 watt projector for almost 3 hours.


Chevy Sonic “Street Art” with Jeff Soto
As Special Effects Engineer, Justin designed and built the paint sprayer and air cannon, installed the robot, and operated it during this shoot that teamed up street artist Jeff Soto with Chevrolet, Bot & Dolly, and Graywrx Fabrication in an amazing world-first street-art collaboration. Check out what an artist and a paint-spraying robot car can create!
hellgateFlagship Studios
Pyrotechnics and Electronic Special Effects for Hellgate London, a dark fantasy themed action role-playing game originally developed by Flagship Studios.









The challenge: build a toaster with the capacity to fire toast at 50-foot range for an Adobe viral video series.  Solution: a 1000psi nitrogen gun concealed within the toaster enabled it to shoot  toast up to 100-feet, or to explode upon contact with wood or sheet rock.

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