Remote controlled all electric drive skid steer, the ROEBL 440 Mark 1. We want to provide contractors, ranchers, farmers, and public services organizations an all electric remote controlled loader and mobile power unit, that is job and attachment ready, to safely fulfill a multitude of dangerous jobs with the benefit of removing the operator from riding the tool. Check out for specs and rental/purchase info.

Size: 4′ x 6′ x 5′ tall  Weight: 3,000 lbs


Darwin the Flame Droid

Darwin is the oldest of Justin Gray’s robotic art portfolio. Darwin’s metal skin consists of rolled steel, stainless steel and copper. He also uses an original 1964 struck crawler base with modern Struck Corp tracks each driven by an E-Tek 15hp motor and  a Roboteq ax2550 DC speed controller. Darwin’s transmitter is a Futaba 9cap.

Size: 3′ x 4′ x 4′ tall  Weight: 600 lbs


Libby the robot is a gentle giant. Her slow lumbering demeanor makes her approachable by her audience to enjoy her unique hanging ball fire sculpture.   Libby is built off of a mid 70’s Mauldin asphalt paver, stripped of its excess steel and welded into Libby’s servo-controlled hydraulic tracks. The fire burns in her hanging ball aided by propane and methanol dripping down her chain.

Size: 7′ X 10′ x 7’11” tall  Weight: 3500 lbs


Charlie the Turbine Robot

Charlie is a turbine  hybrid electric track drive robot utilizing a battery pack and a drive turbine engine for additional power.  The fire effect uses the turbines waste exhaust as a forced air source burning methanol and propane.  Charlie uses a Futaba 14 channel transmitter, Dual E-tek motors driven by dual Sevcon controllers. The turbine is a Solar t-62-16.

Size: 3′ x 7′  x 4′ tall  Weight: 1500 lbs

Boreus Hymalis (Boris)

Boris is built off of a mid 70’s Davis track force 700 model trencher. Gutted to accommodate state of the art servo hydraulics. The Davis machine made the perfect platform for Boris’ sculptural elements and raw destructive power. Boris runs all electric hydraulics and a Futaba 14 channel transmitter.  With 20 gallons of propane and 15 gallons of methanol, Boris is a powerful exhibition of fire and crushing power.

Size: 16′ x 4′ x  7’11”  tall  Weight: 3000 lbs


Target Drone / Shop Bot

Target drone is a high powered four wheel drive gear motor-driven off-road heavily armored robot.  Utilizing a single Roboteq ax2550HE DC motor controller, this machine can tow over 9000 lbs of trailer weight and can also be fitted with tools. But most importantly the Target drone is armored with over 3/8″ steel plate. Having taken now hundreds of rounds from both hand guns and large caliber riffles, target drone is ready to handle just about anything.

Size: 3′ X 4′ x 2.5′ tall  Weight: 500 lbs


Skitzoid Robot:

Skitzoid is a robot built to test the limits of how small a fire sculpture robot can be. Skitzoid is built on a highly customized Traxxas Revo 3.3 converted to Castle Creations Mamba brushless drive and a 5ah lithium battery. Skitzoid’s shell consists of stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

Size: 12″ x 20″ x 12″ tall  Weight: 25 lbs

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