Electric Vehicles

Justin Gray is highly active in the world of electric vehicles including custom high-powered electric motorcycles, having built over 35 different custom electric vehicles over the last eight years including 22 high-powered lithium Ion battery-powered motorcycles for various clients including two prototype electric motorcycles that have since gone into production with Tiger Motors in Thailand and are now being shipped to the USA as the Electric GPR-S.


 Partial Client List:

  • Electric Vehicles
Electric Motorsport

Justin Gray began contract work for EMS in 2000 with the original EMS GPR electric motorcycle, a first of its kind. This led to over 35 custom electric motorcycles, scooters, industrial equipment and many other motorsport related electric vehicles. Electric Motorsport in collaboration with Graywrx fabrication have changed the landscape of the personal electric vehicle.

EcoTruc/Eco Race

Justin Gray was hired by Eco Truc to design and build two high powered over-the-road custom 1935 ford trucks. Eventually that led to the Eco Race division, where Justin Gray was the lead designer, project manager and crew chief along side owner Bill Woodcock for a 200mph electric race car destined for Bonneville built from 1934\' Ford coupe.

Barefoot Motors

Designed and built the prototype M1 electric AC drive lithium ATV in partnership with M5 industries and Jamie Hyneman were it was put to the test on Mythbusters.

Mike North, Solidworks & Desault Systems

Hired by Micheal North, Justin Gray was brought in to create a running car from a car half-built. Using a UQM drive system, and A123 batteries all on a factory five 33\' coupe body, Justin Gray, Micheal North and Phil Sadow built a 120mph, 0-60 in 3.8 second tire spinning monster.

Richard Hatfield

Built the Lightning Lithium E1 super bike-- the predecessor of the current land speed holder for electric motorcycle the Lightning bike running Bonneville at 218mph.

KLD Energy Technologies

Hired in partnership with Electric Motorsport, Justin Gray built the first prototype to test the KLD drive system.



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